UP by Lendager Group

A minimalistic design in solid wood with respect for the materials and our environment. UP is a high-quality circular kitchen using recycled wood from the exclusive and world-renowned flooring manufacturer Dinesen

Lendager Group

The architects at Lendager Group specialize in spreading the circular economy in sustainable buildings around the world. They offer an innovative approach to sustainable architecture and explore new business models where there is increased focus on creating a regenerative design.

Lendager Group has designed a kitchen where, in a unique collaboration with Dinesen, it uses the floor producer’s high-quality surplus material; Dinesen Offcuts – processed by Lendager Group.

In an exclusive company like Dinesen, customer-specific solutions are produced, which generates large amounts of residual wood. The kitchen consists of cuts that are left when Dinesen has supplied floors to galleries, restaurants, mansions and other premier establishments. Even though that wood has undergone one of the most extensive production process you can imagine it is impossible to completely eliminate waste. It is those pieces that we are able to give new life.

Lendager has designed a minimalist kitchen inspired by the classic craftsman kitchen. It is aesthetic, but at the same time helping to solve existing global issues. In UP, the natural qualities and recycling possibilities of materials have been essential to the design.

Since 1898, Dinesen, a family business, has been driven by their passion for wood and respect for nature. For four generations they have been dedicated to wood in the best quality and superior craftsmanship when manufacturing plank floors. Every single plank goes through 20 hands on its way through production to ensure quality.

Product information

Fronts with integrated handles

The UP collection is an upcycled kitchen made of solid, reclaimed Douglas fir from Dinesen; Dinesen Offcuts – processed by Lendager Group. The boards are 5-6 " wide and vary in width from front to front to ensure minimal waste.

The fronts are finished with light oil from Junckers. Variation in grain, color, and shine can be expected as this is a natural, reclaimed material. These subtle differences contribute to the unique nature of this design, and bring out the organic nature of the material. All wood changes when exposed to UV light, and the Douglas fir used here will turn greyer as time goes by. It can take approximately 9–12 months before the wood settles to its final color, depending on light intensity and wood type. We use the same wax that Dinesen does to repair any holes, cracking, or other small irregularities.

Knots are an essential characteristic of reclaimed wood and can cause some variation on the fronts. We want to emphasize the unique and organic nature of the material, which is an integral part of the UP collection’s design.

Side panels, addition and toe kicks

Lendager Group recommends that side panels, inserts, and toe kicks be ordered in the same material as the fronts and that the side panels that go to the floor.


The countertop for the UP design comes in the same solid, reclaimed Douglas fir from Dinesen that is used for the fronts. The tops are composed of 5-6 " wide Dinesen boards that have been glued together. The worktops are 29/32 " thick, and the maximum length possible for the worktops is 14ft 9 ", and the maximum width possible is 43 ". The edge is even with a radius of 3/64 " on all sides. The countertop will be surface-treated with white oil. For customers looking for added durability, we suggest getting a steel or a Dekton countertop.

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