FOLD by Sigurd Larsen

Simple lines are created by cutting, folding and assembling one piece of aluminum. The characteristic folds and powder coating give the design a pure expression that is pleasant to touch

FOLD Anthracite.

Sigurd Larsen

Sigurd Larsen is a Berlin-based Danish architect working within the fields of architecture and furniture design. His award-winning design studio was founded in 2009, and he recently completed several single-family houses in both Denmark and New York, and a series of loft rooms at the Michelberger hotel in Berlin. His furniture is available in stores and galleries around the world. Sigurd Larsen’s work combines aesthetics of high quality materials with a strong focus on function in design.

It was precisely these beliefs that inspired his design for Reform. Sigurd Larsen has created a kitchen that combines function and feeling. His keynotes are simplicity, beauty and logic. As a kitchen provides a setting for the daily creativity seen in cooking, playing and celebrating, it was important for Sigurd Larsen to design surfaces that could tolerate constant use. The kitchen is made of thin layers of aluminum that have been shaped by simply cutting, folding and assembling in a way that creates a straightforward and flexible system. The simple, clean lines that are created by the way of working with the material form a quiet setting in a room full of activity. The folds provide a clean and clear expression that combine with a surface powder coating to form a product that is pleasant to touch.

In Sigurd Larsen’s design all elements work together to create an overall experience.

Product information

Drawer fronts, doors and handles

Sigurd Larsen's kitchen design comes in two different models. All kitchen fronts are made out of a post plate in various materials with a 1/16" aluminum plate folded around it. The first model is a powder-coated aluminum front in the color anthracite with a ⅝" black MDF post plate.

The second kitchen design is a raw, brushed aluminum version with a post plate in 19/32" gray MDF. The raw aluminum will change color over time, and it will oxidize a bit, providing a slightly darker glow.


Sigurd Larsen recommends a 3/16" solid stainless steel countertop for the raw- and anthracite-painted aluminum fronts.

Cover panels, inserts and toe kicks

Sigurd Larsen recommends that the cover panels, additions and toe kicks be ordered in the same material as the surface of the fronts – the raw aluminum or the color-coated aluminum.


It is not possible to change the colors of Sigurd Larsen's design.

Anthracite – Interpon D2525 Structura – RAL 7016 / YL316F
Aluminum – Raw brushed aluminum

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